Responding to COVID

At Camp, our main priority is the safety of our campers and staff. Following CDC guidelines, American Camp Association and Virginia Department of Health protocols, we are developing policies and procedures to ensure that our community is safe. Please check on this page for updates as we develop our program, all of this information is subject to change. Last update: May 14, 2021. 


Mission: Limit and Minimize Exposure

What follows is a multi-faceted approach to providing care for children during a pandemic crisis.

We recognize that mitigating exposure to this virus is critical to the well-being of our children, staff, and families. Doing so will require multiple strategies to:

• Limit person to person contact • Minimize contagion brought from home • Manage possible contamination throughout the day

We understand that maintaining social distance at all times is difficult for children (especially elementary school and younger). We will try to be outside as much as possible and be masked so that in the event

None of these strategies are 100% effective on their own and some are more effective than others, but together, they increase protection and decrease viral load when exposure does occur. Please follow physical distancing and mask guidelines outside of camp hours to keep everyone safe!


Overall camp capacity will be around 180 campers 

Bunks will be 9-10 campers with 2-3 staff

After/before care programs will be outside

What If: COVID at Camp?

We will notify the Fairfax County Health Department of any COVID-19 cases and will follow their instructions.

If a camper or staff member have COVID-19, their bunk will need to quarantine for 10 days

If a member of a camper or staff’s household has COVID-19, that individual will need to quarantine for 10 days

If a member of a camper or staff’s household has been exposed to COVID-19 outside of camp, they will need to quarantine but no action will be taken bunk wide


Masks must be worn inside at all times, and must be worn outside if less than 6 feet apart


Temperature & health screenings will be required for both staff and campers upon arrival at camp each morning. Each family must complete the Health Screening Questionnaire on the Campanion App.


Families will sign a health pledge and waiver ensuring they will NOT take voluntary trips during camp or host visitors; exception would be leaving camp early and not returning 

No parents/chaperones may be allowed inside TRS


The following activities are cancelled: Tzofim and

off site swim instruction & free swim

We will still have on site guests 

Lunchtime will be outside, staggered in the middle of the day (eating will be outside)

Specialists will be very distanced while instructing; only one bunk will be with a specialist at a time


Camp traditions will need to be re-imagined: large activities like color war and morning meeting will need to be more staggered

Back-to-camp night will be a virtual webinar

Field Trips

Travel camp (6th-9th grade) will be the only program to travel offsite via bus

Travel camp will take one trip a week to a COVID safe destination (outdoors, socially distanced, limited contact with outside groups)

Buses will have very limited capacity; see diagram 




Handwashing will take place frequently between camp activities, and before and after every meal

Individual supplies will be provided where applicable. Shared equipment and/or supplies will be sanitized between use.


No refunds will be given for "voluntarily" quarantining for other activities such as overnight camp. Our travel policy restricts anyone from traveling and returning to camp during the 5.5 week session.

Scenarios for refunding:

  • Scenario 1: one camper/family is exposed to a symptomatic person who is waiting for test results and the camper(s) stay home for a few days. 50% refund for days missed AFTER the 3rd day.

  • Scenario 2: one camper has symptoms and stays home for a few days out of caution/while waiting for a PCR COVID test that ultimately comes back negative. 50% refund for days missed AFTER the 3rd day.

  • Scenario 3: one camper/family is exposed and they stay home for 14 days (they have an ongoing exposure to someone in their home with a diagnosed case of COVID). 50% refund for days missed. 

  • Scenario 4: a camper is diagnosed with COVID so their entire bunk is considered exposed and the bunk is closed. Limited online programming offered to that bunk. 50% refund for days missed.

    • Any siblings of the sick child would be considered exposed and need to stay home for the full quarantine period. They would need to be tested and their own bunks would be closed pending the PCR test results. If the PCR test was positive then that bunk would remain closed. 50% refund for days missed.  

bus diagram.jpg