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Virtual Color War??!

What a week! Who knew color war could be so fun even virtually?

Virtual bunks got to experience Camp Rodef Shalom’s first ever online color war experience. We had two completely new teams, the orange and the purple team. Each bunk was the same color, which was new this summer, so the teamwork and comraderie were especially high!

On Monday, each bunk had to complete an escape room, and was given points for how quickly they “escaped.” Specialists then served as judges for the week and gave points to the team they visited. By the end of the day, orange was in the lead! Ethan and Emma made daily update videos on Facebook, so campers and their families were aware of the standings.

On Wednesday, pk and k, 1st, 2nd-4th and 5th-8th all got together, and orange and purple competed against each other in games of trivia. We learned more about Disney, math, geography, science, and even camp. It was fun seeing different groups get together and there was a lot of great sportsmanship.

Thursday was double points AND crazy hair and hat day. Ethan and Emma also judged each team’s song/cheer. We were so impressed by the dance moves, instruments, and strong cheering that over 2,000 points were given. Campers got so many points and the purple team was able to end up on top at the end of the day.

The bunk counselors did a great job of leading their teams. Specialists were so positive and served as great judges. At the end of the day on Thursday, the teams were so close we ended up having to extending to another half day, and Friday bunk check in calls were able to win more points.

On Friday, many posted on the Padlet and joined us for the bunk check in calls. We had the orange and purple team come together for a wonderful live Shabbat service where we announced the winner. Over 50 people attended to sing together and celebrate Shabbat. In the end, the orange team won 8,790 points to purple’s 8,650 points. It was so close!!

In addition to virtual bunk color war this week

, we also had our awesome virtual electives and creative Camp in a Box. We are so thankful for a great community and we are looking forward to the last 2 weeks of virtual camp, as a unified group!

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