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Virtually Perfect!

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Week 3 was virtually perfect! It was so great to see so many great accomplishments, from crafts, to doing our part in our community. With our value of week Tzedek (Justice) in mind, we had an awesome week!

The Shaving Cream Sneak was back at it again this week. The camp office was covered in shaving cream, and Emma and Ethan declared they were going to get to the bottom of it. Campers and staff have some wild theories that are helping Emma and Ethan solve the case.

On Wednesday we stayed offline to focus on our theme and value of Tzedek. Campers and staff worked at home to better their community, by spreading positivity and togetherness through signs for our health care workers, creating recycled birdhouses and feeders, and building new community "little libraries". We also were able to donate a trunk full of food to the Arlington Food Assistance Center, with the help of our camp community!

During bunk calls, we made no-mess tie dye shirts, drums from recycled materials from home, and some really cool Ojo de Dios crafts with Annie! Campers learned about famous Jewish Americans, and travel camp worked on some skills that will be beneficial for them as they transition from campers to future counselors! There also was no shortage of dancing and acting throughout the week!

On Friday, the Camp in a Box team got to share what they worked on this week! The list of cool activities included: color your own beach balls, sand art, tape art canvases, Star of David mobiles, and miracle berries and lemon juice! Our bunks got together to finish off a week of social justice and made signs for the causes our campers feel passionate about!

We can’t wait for next week, with the major event being a week full of Color War! Throughout the week, we will have opportunities for campers to earn points for their team! We are excited to introduce two new colors for our Color War, purple and orange! Campers will have a song/cheer competition on Thursday for points. During our Camp Wide Activity on Wednesday, we will be holding multiple grade appropriate games of Trivia! A lot of points can be earned this week through participation, P

adlet posts and spirit!

We are excited to see the passion campers always bring for Color War during Week 4!

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