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Week 2 Was One for The Books!

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Week 2 was one for the books! We had an awesome week of active Zoom calls. People called from all over, as some people had headed out of town for the 4th of July. But that didn’t stop our 100+ campers for joining in for some fun this week!

We learned about the shaving cream sneak, who has been causing some trouble at camp. They turned off the lights and next thing you know, Ethan and Emma were covered in shaving cream! I hope we can figure out who it is before the summer ends…

On Wednesday we got everyone together for a camp wide game of BINGO. We had about 100 different boards! In the end, we had 20 winners, some even winning more than once! What surprised us even more was that some campers decided to give their winnings to charity. We are so lucky to have such amazing campers who show amazing Derech Eretz or Social Responsibility. Social Responsibility was our Jewish value of the week.

During bunk calls, we made shakers and drums in music, had explosive science with Tina, dreamed of clouds in art with Cammy, recycled our old t-shirts to make tote bags (very environmentally friendly) and tested our knowledge of inventions! As for electives, we cooked mac and cheese with Lizzie, mastered our Minecraft skills, made nature mandalas, and created tiny towns (just to name a few). We have over 15 elective calls this week where campers gained specific knowledge or participated even more in specialties they see each week with their bunks.

On Friday, the Camp in a Box team got to share what they worked on this week! The list was awesome: wood race cars, ping pong cannons, kaleidoscopes, foam paint, and constellation viewers. Our bunks got together to finish off a week of social responsibility by making art from recycled materials. We got creative and made castles, towers, even a pool!

We can’t wait for next week, with the major event being Social Action Wednesday! Camp is holding a food drive for AFAC, collecting canned goods. In addition, we have challenged families and staff to completely one, two or three of the following challenges:

1. Sidewalk chalking to support our healthcare and frontline workers

2. Making birdhouses and bird feeders for our outdoor neighbors

3. Creating a Little Free Library

We are so excited for week 3!

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