Arts & Crafts

We offer a wide range of arts and crafts projects for campers in grades Pre K through 5. Projects range from decorating clay pots and painting, to friendship bracelets and lanyards!



We love music at Camp Rodef Shalom! Music can be found all over camp, whether it is learning a new lyrics, singing and dancing in the hallway, or raising a shoe while singing "Chariot."



Improvisation, pun-offs, acting, and puppet shows are just of the few activities you might view in the drama room. Our creative drama staff lead many different games and fun experiences!



Over the summer, campers in grades 4-9 learn to make a variety of different and delicious recipes. In the past we have made pies, fruit kabobs, cookies, frittatas, and challah, all while learning about food and kitchen safety in a fun environment!


Mad Science

Campers love to experiment in a safe environment with fun and imaginative activities exploring concepts such as kinetic energy and magnetic energy, and trying new experiences like Magic Berries, which temporarily make sour things taste sweet!  


Outdoor Adventure

Our outdoor adventure program helps campers explore the outdoors around Temple Rodef Shalom.  Our experienced staff teach campers about animals, plants, and nature all around!



Sports play a vital part in our communal activity! Activities include, but are not limited to Gaga (Israeli dodgeball), soccer, hockey, dodgeball, frisbee, and obstacle courses, often with imaginative and unexpected variations!


Younger campers stay on our campus, and older campers use nearby ballfields as well. Our older campers get a longer time block for sports, which allows for more sophisticated activities.


Swim Time

*Our kindergarten through 4th graders enjoy splashing in the water at Holmes Run Pool in Falls Church on Mondays and Thursdays.

For our preschool campers, who don't go to the swimming pool, we offer supervised water time on our premises with baby pools, inflatable slides, sprinklers, and lots of squirt toys.

Learn more about our camp swim program by clicking the link below:



*Every year we have two teenage Tzofim (Israeli Scouts) join us for the summer.  They run their own specialty area during camp, playing Israeli games, teaching a few Hebrew words, and helping bring their Israeli culture all the way to Virginia! Camp families take turns hosting them for a week and showing them life in the DC region!

Pictured here are Yuval and Karin, our 2018 Tzofim, who have just joined the Israeli Army!



Tuesday Shaving Cream Fights!

Water Park Wednesdays!

Our Amazing Staff!

Color War Week!


New Friends for Life!

Ice Cream Day!

Dress up and Theme Days!

Dance Parties!

Friday Morning Song Session!

Start Every Day with a High Five!